Pasta Artigianale

Cooking advices

Cooking is extremely important for judging the full quality of pasta.
It’s important to use a large saucepan to prevent the dough from sticking during the cooking.
Every 100 grams of pasta require 1 liter of water which needs 10-12 grams of salt (the amount of salt should be determined also according to the dressing you will add). Before putting pasta in the soucepan, wait until water boils, then add the salt and wait a few seconds to let it melt and water boil again. It's advisable to add the salt only when the water has reached the full boil or the boiling will be delayed and a white film will form on the surface of water. 
Put pasta only when water has started to boil again; the flame has to be increased to the maximum, so that the boiling resumes as soon possible. When the boiling resumes, moderate the flame, taking care not to interrupt the boiling (it must be always continuous). All these proceedings must be done without the lid on the pot. To prevent certain types of pasta, such as noodles, pappardelle, spaghetti, trennette etc., from sticking during cooking, you can add the water a little extravirgin olive oil. Following the minutes of cooking indicated by the manufacturer is not always sufficient because the cooking time of pasta depends both on its format and on its thickness. So, in the case of a handcrafted product, it is advisable to taste pasta during the cooking.



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