Handcraft Pasta

Fusilli of durum wheat semolina

Romeo Artisan Pasta “Pasta for Passion”

Fusilli with durum wheat semolina, 500 g (lb 1.102) and 250 g (lb 0.551)

Fusilli Romeo are realised with a thin thickness that allows, in addition to a short cooking time, to obtain a particularly helicoidal shape that permits to keep better sauces and seasonings. The bronze drawing, the slowly drying at low temperatures and the use of selected durum wheat semolina, complete the productive cycle of this top level artisan pasta.

Fusilli Romeo can be perfectly combined with every kind of sauce and/or seasoning, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones with meat, fish or vegetables; also a simple dressing with EVO Oil can exalt the artisan taste of this format of pasta.

The cooking time can vary from 4 to 6 minutes; for the genuine artisan pasta, for the fact that there are not standardised processes of production and that the mix of semolina varies according to the durum wheat semolina farmers that give use the raw material, it's advisable to have a direct cooking test by tasting pasta at the beginning of the minutes indicated as the cooking time (from 4 minutes for Fusilli).

Fusilli Bianchi copia


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