Handcraft Pasta

Who we are

We are a handcrafted pastifier in the province of Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany and its traditions, whose mission is to offer a unique and particularly tasty pasta made through a strictly ARTIGIANAL production process. Our pasta comes trafilata in Bronzo to get a rough and porous surface that becomes one with seasoning. Drying is done slowly at low temperatures in order to preserve all the fragrance of the grain and to maintain the nutritional principles and the organoleptic contents present in the raw materials used unchanged.
The blend of modern technology and ancient knowledge make our Pasta a top quality product under the innovative push for the use of spices and natural aromas.
Our Company aims to continue the pursuit of Excellence. We do not want to offer "ONLY" a good product, but a product that leaves the palate with authentic feelings of well-being.



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